What to do about grubs & other lawn pests.

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Are you worried about pests in your lawn? Then, here is an informative read for you. Most times, you notice the damage before you find the pests in the lawn. The pests will be hidden in the thatches and the damage will be visible.

As you know, there are different types of pests commonly found in lawn. Here goes a list of commonly found lawn pests and how to get rid of it easily.


This is one type of pests commonly seen in lawns. The good thing about black beetle is that it is easily visible.  There are different varieties of grubs like Japanese beetle, scarab beetles, masked chafers etc. The initial sign of grubs in your garden is wilted glass blades which will eventually result in the death of the grass. You can use organic pesticides to get rid of the grubs. You can also use long skinny worms called nematodes to get rid of grubs in lawn.


An initial sign that moles are present in your garden is that you will find mounds of soil and raised ridges on the turf. Moles are mostly found in lawns that are overwatered as the wet soil helps them to dig through. An organic way of removing moles in the garden is by using castor oil.

Chinch bugs

These types of bugs are commonly found in summer when the temperature is soaring. Chinch bugs live in the thatches mostly and it is visible on the naked eye if you observe carefully. You can dethatch your lawn so that there won’t be space for these bugs to hide.

Fire ants

Ants are also commonly found in the lawns that will eventually influence the health of the grass. One of the best home-remedies to get rid of ants is using soapy water solution. You can spray hot or soapy water on the mounds of soil that these ants create and thereby remove it.   

Keep an eye on these invaders so that you can be sure your lawn looks green, healthy and beautiful.  

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