Wayland Fence and Lawn Installation

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March 24, 2018
Wayland Fence Install

There are few thing prettier than a yard makeover with a new fence and lawn installation.Wayland Massachusetts fence and lawn installation

We just finished this job in Wayland, Ma. and the owners are super happy to have a major upgrade to the look and feel of their property. Not to mention the protection of the home value that comes with a well-kept yard.

Split Rail Fencing

A split rail fence is a simple look for a country home that provides a decorative and functional look.

Picture for a moment the yard without this fence.  There is a lot of design behind something so simple. Without the fence, the entire feel of the yard and home changes.

With the fence, there is a defining element that frames the yard and gives the home a layer of quality and interest it wouldn’t have otherwise.

New Lawn Installation

Sometimes there’s nothing more you can do for a lawn besides take out the old turf and install brand new, young, aerated turf with a healthy, loose root system.

After years of growth, grass roots become dense and thick, which makes getting nutrients from the ground to the grass harder and harder.

Sometimes we can aerate and slice seed a lawn to get more years out of it. And sometimes it’s just too late for that and it would be more expensive to save the sick lawn than it would be to lay down a new, young, healthy lawn.

We did that here in this Wayland, Ma location and the results speak for themselves.

fence and lawn installation

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