Tips on Water Efficient Irrigation Systems

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An irrigation system is a water conservation strategy to ensure proper water supply to your landscape. The right irrigation system should be cost-effective and efficient watering to the landscape. It delivers water directly to the plants hence there is no chance of water loss through evaporation. A proper irrigation system may cost you more initially. However, it helps you save money during the long run as you don’t need to spend significantly later for maintenance. If you are budget-conscious about the irrigation system, here goes a few tips to save you more in its lifetime.

Check the water pressure

The pressure of the water coming to your landscape may differ according to the location. As the irrigation water pressure goes up, it leads to increased water usage. Therefore, you should have a system in place to control water pressure. This helps in saving you water bill.  

Know the requirement

The water requirement of the plant differs according to its type and weather of the place. That explains why you need to install custom arrangement for watering the plants. If you can set up different water lines for each of the plants as per its requirement, you can save on your water bills as well as avoid overwatering for some of the plants.

Check the nozzle

Most of us do not give much attention to the nozzle. However, the efficiency of the irrigation system largely depends on the nozzle you choose. Moreover, it is ideal to keep your water wastage as less as possible. Keeping both these factors on mind, you should choose the right nozzle that ensures the right amount of water supply.

Hire a certified irrigation consultant

There are a quite a few factors to analyse when you choose the irrigation system for your landscape. It is best to consult a certified irrigation auditor to get the best irrigation system that suits your landscape and ensures proper water supply. An experienced irrigation expert can assist you in designing a system that will deliver proper water supply to every part of the landscape.

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