Time For Bark Mulch!


And that means spring cleanup time. One of the first and most impactful things you can do this spring is to get your garden, walks, trees and other landscapes bark mulched for a beautiful, clean look!

Mulch keeps down weed growth, and you have to get on that right now before weeds sprout and quickly get out of control.

Plus, nothing beats the look of a newly mulched yard and garden!bark mulch job

Concord Tree and Landscape is happy to visit your home or commercial location and lay down the right bark mulch for your property professionally.

Take a look at some of our latest jobs, done this year in the Concord and surrounding areas:

bark mulch

Garden Area Bark Mulch

bark mulch landscape

Dark Bark Mulch

bark mulch fence

Fenceline bark mulch

masonry service quote

Pricing depends on the size of your bark mulch areas. Just give us a call at 978-567-8733 and we’ll get you a very competitive quote right away!

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