Summer Garden Landscaping in Wayland: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Summer can be a tricky time to garden in Wayland considering the droughts, heat waves, and downpours. Here’s what you need to know for proper maintenance of your garden landscape.

DO plant hot-season vegetables

Plant edibles that thrive in heat like Okra, Sweet potatoes, Chili peppers, Cowpeas, Yardlong beans, and Eggplant.

Okra plant is drought-tolerant and will produce pods throughout the summer. Sweet potatoes are great for temporary ground cover. They will shade out weeds until the arrival of cold weather and harvest time.

DON’T plant cool-season vegetables

It is a bad idea to plant vegetables like peas, lettuce, carrots, and radishes in summer. They are known to bolt quickly in the heat. They will bloom and produce seeds, making the edible parts bitter.

DO use drought-tolerant plants

Drought-tolerant plants can conserve water. Growing them is a great idea as they’re low-maintenance. Just remember to keep the soil moist until the plant takes off on its own.

DON’T water unless necessary

It is never okay to run sprinklers in a rainstorm. Water the plants only when they’re newly planted or wilting and dropping leaves.

DO water deeply

Whenever you water, do it deeply. Allow the water to penetrate the soil without running off or evaporating in the summer heat. It will allow deeper root growth. It helps plants (particularly shrubs and trees) to remain healthy and more drought-tolerant.

Use a garden nozzle, a soaker hose, or just a hose and a full stream of water to water in the root zone with.

DON’T allow weeds go to seed

Pull the weeds before they have a chance to bloom and go to seed. If you allow them, the weeds will spread their progeny all over your garden. Don’t think to pull the weeds manually will suffice. Use a hoe or cultivator for new weeds in loose soil. A heavy-duty weeding tool, like a hori-hori knife, hook or mattock will be suitable for tough, established weeds.

Do Hire a Landscaping Contractor in Wayland

Landscape gardening maintenance is best done by skillful hands. It is best to hire a professional landscaper especially if you are new to landscaping. Your landscape can greatly improve the whole aesthetic look of your home.  

DON’T turn your back on the garden

The summer heat can change things can change in a heartbeat. Plants can succumb to pests, wet soil, drought or rot in a matter of days. Give due attention to weather forecasts. Also, watch out for any struggling plants.

Use your pruners for those bullies that seem to be taking over less vigorous plants. If you are in doubt, rip it out.

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