Our Single Point Of Contact (SPOC)

Your access to the portal allows for transparency and collaboration between our multidisciplinary garden artisans and you.

Through our network of highly qualified and competent service providers we are accountable for all of your property’s landscape and garden maintenance. We manage all scheduling, bid assessment, coordination and follow up. We do not contract work to these professionals as subcontractors but partner with them as associates working together to multilaterally ensure your gardens look the the best they can.

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Participating in our Single Point Of Contact program ensures you have complete control with only one person to call. One person for all the landscape projects on your property.

We realize we can’t do it all. We partner with the best companies in the area. We are also willing to work with your existing vendors as well; if you lik’em, so do we. We’ll work together for you, as a team, under the direction of our Horticultural Services Coordinator as your Single Point Of Contact.

The Horticultural Services Coordinator is a certified Horticulturist employed by Concord Tree and Landscape as is the Garden Support team regularly servicing your gardens.


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