Fine Gardening

Preserve your garden and landscape's original design and intent with thoughtful horticultural and agronomic management practices.

Mowing, weeding, and pruning requires routine and special treatment. Plants, just like you and I, want reliable care. Special, in that our teams are trained to take a holistic approach that preserves the original design intent for now and well into the future. The results are beautiful lawns and landscapes that hold their value and look as they should for many years.


Annual & Perennial Care

Includes design for perennial gardens and seasonal color displays. From planning to planting, to cutting back and deadheading, to fertilizing and checking irrigation efficacy. Our horticulturists are caring for your annuals and perennials with regular weekly or biweekly visits based on proven horticultural methods.

Containers and Seasonal Color Design
Install and Maintenance

Your home will be judged on first impressions, let it “Make an entrance”. By strategically adding color with containers and plantings we provide seasonal “makeovers” and special interest for events, and just because! Decorate! Life is too short not to.

Fire and water. Water bubblers for sound, fire for drama and effect. Not to mention container plantings! Add garden delights to tight spaces that may have been inhospitable for plants. Four seasons of color. Beautiful flowers, delicious vegetables, herbs and spices in containers that can go right where you need them.

Pruning - Structural & Aesthetic

Ornamental tree and shrub pruning is both an art and a science. Our artisan gardeners have the eye and the science to promote healthy growth in an artfully aesthetic approach. Encouraging the natural beauty of everything in your garden. We prune when best for each tree and shrub in your garden, typically summers and ..

Garden restoration

Frequently gardens that were once gorgeous need a little help. It happens. We are here to renew your gardens or maybe even reclaim them from the wildness that has overtaken areas that have been neglected. We do the work to bring your gardens back to their glory days.

Spring & Fall cleanups

Spring and Fall are important times, horticulturally for your landscape. Preparing your gardens for a glorious growing season requires lots of preparation. Removing winter debris, freshening compost and mulch, fertilizing, and cutting back what remains from last year; all to set the stage for an enchanting spring and..

Holiday Decor

Fun seasonal plantings for the holidays. The abundance of the harvest for Fall and Thanksgiving, The festive aspect of Christmas and New Years, bring Spring in early with color in March and the celebration of summer right through September. We can make the seasons and the holidays colorfully delightful for you, your


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