Tree Pruning

Tree pruning service by Concord Tree and Landscape provides complete tree care services.

We pride ourselves in safe tree pruning and care on your property. Our tree pruning service will not only protect and beautify your home, it will be carried out professionally with all the safety procedures necessary to protect people and property.

Did you know?

Keeping your trees trimmed and healthy can prevent costly home damage later. Sometimes we spot trouble on routine tree care jobs and can prevent major home damage or injury by pointing out a sick tree and taking measures to safely handle it before it becomes a real problem.

This is one of the best reasons not to wait to have your trees cared for regularly by Concord Tree and Landscaping.

Many of our tree pruning jobs come from clients who’ve hired us to do another landscaping job or even masonry. When we’re on a property, we look around and check out the health and safety issues with the trees. We can’t help it, it’s what we do!

This means that most people don’t actually think about tree pruning and health on their own, as often as they should.

Unfortunately, this often means we have to come in and help with a tree that lost limbs or completely fell on a property. Many times this kind of damage can be prevented with regular checks and pruning each year.

So make sure to add tree pruning to your list each year to prevent possible costly damage to your home, or harm to your family.

We’ll be happy to come and check your trees for free to give you peace of mind.


Pricing depends on the size of your tree trimming or tree pruning job. Just give us a call and we’ll get you a very competitive quote right away!


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