Newton Lawn Installation

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March 24, 2018
Newton MA Sod Install 2

Newton lawn installation

We love doing lawn (sod) installations! There’s nothing that brings a home to life with more dramatic results than a brand new lawn.

Pictured are some “after pics” of a lawn installation we just completed in Newton Massachusetts.

New lawns are quick upgrades and immediately noticeable!

This kind of home improvement brings out the neighbors. It is common for people to kneel down and pet new grass, so be prepared! 🙂

Newton lawn installation

Even more so than a major garden design and planting, sod installation can flip the look and feel of your property from drab to vibrant in just one day (for most jobs).

How Lawn Installation Works

You can either do it yourself with step by step instructions from one of our favorite channels (DIY), or you can have Concord Landscape & Tree take care of it professionally.

There are 14 Steps to Installing Sod Grass

  1. Soil test: making sure pH and soil aeration are just right.
  2. Measure area to be sodded
  3. Loosen soil to depth of 6-8 inches
  4. Level soil by raking
  5. Unroll turf: start along straight edge like patio or fence
  6. Lay turf in rows: stagger like bricks
  7. Lay tight seams: Don’t overlap
  8. Use small pieces of turf in middle
  9. Cut curves: lay out curves with hose to get just right
  10. Fill in seams with topsoil or potting soil
  11. Roll sod with lawn roller
  12. Water sod thoroughly: daily unless rain arrives
  13. Mow when grass is at least 3 inches tall and after 10 days
  14. Fertilize grass after about 4 weeks

More details on these steps at DIY.

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