New Landscaping Project In Dedham, Ma

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Why is it important to have pollinators in your garden?
March 24, 2018

Here’s a brand new landscaping and planting job we just completed in Dedham, MA.

There is nothing like a new garden design with the right plantings for the space it occupies. The new, clean lines, the bark mulch, the plants and trees all combine to create a landscape that is inviting, classy, and rich in texture.

When we get the chance to transform a homeowner’s backyard space into something they can’t wait to get into every day, we jump in with both feet.

When owners allow us to show them the different garden designs we come up with to suit their space, and give us the run of the yard, so to speak, we relish the opportunity to design and plant a space that will knock their socks off!

Most homeowners are actively avoiding their backyard spaces because they’ve gotten weedy, overgrown, with patches of dead grass and, well, they’re just ugly.

It reminds them of all the work that’s ahead of them if they decide to landscape and get everything back to its former glory. So they avoid it.

Here’s why you might want to call us if you’re avoiding your backyard:

  1. reclaim living and entertaining space
  2. regain a space for quiet reflection when the house is full
  3. bring back your memory of when the garden was beautiful and the grass was perfect

You don’t have to continue avoiding your backyard or any other space that has fallen victim to weeds and overgrowth. You can have that space back, better than ever, with gorgeous plants, shrubs, and trees… even a new lawn.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to show you what’s possible on any budget!

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