It’s Fall Lawn and Garden Projects Time!

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March 24, 2018
fall yard cleanup

concord fall lawn cleanup

We will be doing a lot of lawn renovations this year. Over time, your lawn builds up a layer of thatch which makes your grass roots more shallow.

The ground also gets compacted and harder, making it hard for roots to “breathe” properly. This is when your lawn typically starts to look “sick.”

Fortunately, a lawn renovation can fix your lawn right up!

Here’s what we do:

1) Slice seeding: We have machines that put seeds right where they need to be – in the ground at the perfect depth. This makes for a thicker and more healthy lawn than simple drop seeding can ever accomplish.

2) Aeration: your grass roots need room to breathe and aeration is the time-tested tool for the job.

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We also do lawn installations, gutter cleaning, and other great services to help you out this fall!

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