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Are you uncertain about how to water your lawn in your Weston home? Getting in touch with a Weston landscaping contractor can be of great help. They are trained to determine what amount of water is adequate for each type of plant and soil type. However, these tips will help you to properly water your lawn and maintain a lush and green yard.


Schedule The Time Early: Water evaporates easily especially in the warm season. It isn’t a great idea to set your sprinklers to an afternoon watering as you’ll lose a lot of the moisture.

Water your plants between 5 and 8 a.m. in the morning to allow the grass to soak up as much water as possible.


Do Long And Deep Watering: Several times a week, do the long and deep watering. Depending on your area, you can spend 20 minutes to water the lawn every two or three days. You can contact a contractor in Weston for better results. Deep watering will encourage the roots to search out for moisture as they grow deeper toward the damp soil.

Excessive watering can create shallow grass which doesn’t hold the soil very well.


Aim For The Right Grass Length: The way in which you cut your grass can contribute to good, water absorption at the soil level. Cut only one-third of the blades’ heights at a time. It will allow enough surface area to photosynthesize.

When the blades are watered, it allows the water to funnel down through the grass and into the soil.


Don’t Overlook The Low-Lying Areas: Leave no puddles on the lawn, especially if you have a few bare areas.

Fill any low-lying areas with water and shut off the sprinkler system.  Try covering the area with seed. You can water this particular patch once a day until seed starts to germinate.


Be Aware of Your Soil Type: A landscaping contractor in Weston will know your soil type and how it should be watered.

A sandy terrain needs more water as the moisture will filter through the ground with rapid ease. While clay holds moisture extremely well and doesn’t need much watering.


Contact A Professional Landscaper: Talk with a Concord landscaping contractor to schedule routine lawn maintenance. Concord Tree professionals can help bring back your lawn to life even when it is in a poor shape.

You can have a lush green lawn by following the correct steps while watering your lawn. Allow us to help manage your lawn today. Call us at 978-567-8733!

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