How to create an efficient irrigation system for your landscape

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No matter how busy your life is or you are away from home, it is a necessity to ensure that the plants in the landscape are watered without fail. It is estimated that around 50% of water is wasted in the irrigation systems in landscapes due to evaporation, wind or runoff. This water wastage can be reduced if you create an efficient irrigation system for your landscape. Here goes the tips to having the best irrigation system in place.

Choice of plants

The water requirement of water differs according to its type. If you can arrange plants according to their water requirements, it will help you in saving water. Also, keep in mind the right plants should be planted in the right spot in a way that it will prevent water loss. Ideally, you can think of plants that are native to your place. Native plants will need less water and you can take advantage of it.

Arranging plants

When you plant, arrange it in such a way that similar plants are grouped together. This will not only ensure maximum irrigation efficiency but make your landscape look attractive. Also, you can think of similar sprinkler heads at each watering zone to avoid water wastage.

Let mulches be more

We do not like it when mulches grow in the landscape. It is often considered as a nuisance in the garden. But you are ignoring the good side of it. Mulches have the capacity to hold moisture for a longer duration. It also helps to prevent evaporation from soil’s surface and keep you plants watered in hot weather conditions. Moreover, mulches get dissolved in the soil and improve the soils’ fertility.

Tune up the irrigation system

Installing the irrigation system does not give you maximum efficiency. You need to tune it up according to the requirements of your landscape to improve its efficiency. Moreover, it needs to be thoroughly checked and maintained once in a while.

Leave the task to experts!

Are you confused about the efficiency of the installed irrigation system at your landscape? An irrigation audit by experts will help you understand the efficiency. Connect to the experts at Concord Tree, the oft-recommended irrigation experts in Massachusetts. Concord Tree offers superior services in landscape design, installation and landscape maintenance. We are at a call (978-567-8733) away to give you best guidance and reliable services in landscape irrigation system.

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