Fertilizing Your Landscape in Different Times of Year

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A vital part of maintaining your landscape is fertilizing your land. But for that, you need to know the right time when to fertilize it if you want to own a healthy landscape. This article will let you know everything starting from the best season to fertilize your land and also how to maintain your landscape at different times of the year.

Which is the best season to fertilize your landscape?

Spring is considered the best season to fertilize your landscape. But remember not to apply fertilizers too early in the spring, especially if you live in an area frequented by frost. It is wise to apply it in the later part of the season when your grass or plants are beginning to grow healthily. After application, for at least two weeks, keep a check of the moisture content in the soil each day. It won’t be good for your soil if your over saturate it.

Can you fertilize you land in the fall?

There is a good reason for fertilizing your land in the fall. If you live in a climate where your plants have to battle the heat, drought, and other harsh climatic conditions, make a note to fertilize the soil in the fall. Doing thus can retain carbohydrates in your grass and plants and provide energy for the roots to develop during the spring.
Apply the fertilizer thoroughly in your lawn to replace all of the nutrients that can be lost from the soil during the hot summer months before the first freeze. It will also make them stronger to battle the harsh cold winter season. You can use a superphosphate fertilizer on your soil to have stronger plants and grow more flowers.

Summer Lawncare

Resist the urge to fertilize your land during summer. If you over fertilize your land in the heat of summer, it can cause your lawn to burn and might produce a flush of tender growth that will struggle in the heat. It is best to stop fertilizing your soil about 30 days before summer arrives in your area.

Note: Don’t Over Fertilize

The key is the right balance when it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn. Though fertilizing can add the required nutrients to the soil, over fertilizing can burn your grasses and plants. Choose to add the ideal amount of fertilizer for each grass or plant type to grow them healthily.

Happy Landscaping!

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