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Estate gardening and horticulture is at the core of our service. Concord Tree & Landscape takes pride in creating and keeping your garden landscape beautiful and healthy all year long. We cater to the unique needs and desires of our clients and pay close attention to detail to bring your estate to life.

We combine fine gardening and horticulture expertise with careful, well-executed plans in order to maintain, restore or create the garden oasis of your dreams!

Our Services


Maintaining your garden estate is extremely important. Life is all about first impressions, and this goes for your home as well! We will address the needs of your trees, shrubbery, perennial plants, and flower beds. We will also clear debris, weeds, and leaves left over from weather and previous seasons.

We will change planter containers and do an overall seasonal “makeover” to give it a true ‘wow’ factor!


Sometimes, a once beautiful garden estate, turns into the shell of what it once was. That’s ok we’ve got you covered! We will reclaim it from the damage and suffering and restore it to its former glory!

We ensure your garden landscapes well-being through pruning and fertilizing, addressing the needs of trees and shrubbery, dividing and moving plants, filling in the empty spaces with new plantings, and changing planter containers. Our team of experienced fine gardeners will treat your garden as if it was their own!


Pruning is both an art and a science. Our artisan gardeners prune with the intent for optimal plant health and an eye for beauty. They encourage the natural beauty of everything in your garden at the same time as promoting healthy plant growth for the years to come!

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What Our Clients Say

Here are some valuable comments from our satisfied clients.

  • Elisabeth E.
    Shawn was great to work with and the crew did a quality job. We shared a project with our neighbor that included planting several trees and shrubs along the property line - plus grading, mulch, fence, and lawn. Concord Tree and Landscape turned an ugly mess into a beautiful view!
    Elisabeth E.
    Concord, MA
  • Aaron S.
    Shawn and his team are AMAZING! Truly AMAZING! I called them in a panic about a project that I couldn't finish myself (I perpetually over-promise and underachieve on my own DIY projects...whoops). They came in ASAP and finished the project extremely quickly. Their work is top notch and Shawn's and his crew's service is superb. Shawn is very easy to get a hold of (he texts which is great for me since we can share photos and notes). Not only is the work quality fantastic and the service equally great, but the prices are extremely fair. I often feel like many companies raise prices when you live near a city just because they think they can charge more...not with Concord Tree and Landscape. I am SO glad I found Concord Tree and Landscape!! Other companies I have called 1) hard to get a hold of 2) expensive 3) have no openings for work and/or 4) try to up-sell me on EVERYTHING. Not with Shawn. I will 100% use Concord Tree and Landscape A+. I am seriously smiling from ear to ear.
    Aaron S.
    Waltham, MA
  • Greg B.
    Shawn and his team did a great job. Very thoughtful quote. Excellent work, and a reasonable price on our driveway drainage project. They exceeded my expectations!
    Greg B.
    Boston, MA
  • Kristen K.
    We are so pleased with the work on our yard! Grass, mulching, drainage, and plantings. Thank you Shawn and crew! Kristen, W. Concord
    Kristen K.
    December 21, 2017
  • I hired Shawn and his team to remove some dead tree limbs that were hanging close to my house and patio. Shawn gave me a very competitive quote very quickly...
    Kenny A.
    September 20, 2017
  • These guys were quick, efficient and reasonably priced. They did an awesome job on pruning and trimming the plants and hedges that I needed taken care of....
    Angus M.
    August 12, 2017

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