Drip Irrigation vs Spray Irrigation- Which is best for your commercial property?

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July 5, 2018
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Drip irrigation and spray irrigation are the two most popular irrigation techniques to ensure proper water supply to commercial landscapes.  Both drip irrigation and spray irrigation comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence, choosing the right irrigation system suited for Wayland landscaping requires knowledge and experience.  Here is a quick read about the pros and cons of both drip irrigation and spray irrigation.

What is drip irrigation?

As you already know, drip irrigation drips water slowly to your property. A drip emitter tube is installed above the ground for the purpose. It can be hidden on the ground.   

The best part of using drip irrigation method is that you can stay away from the worry of overwatering of the plants. The probability of diseases in plants due to overwatering is less. It helps in water conservation as well. The drip system ensures that water reaches to each and every part of the landscape, no matter if it is sloppy or uneven in Cambridge landscape design.  It is comparatively less costly and installation is easy.

However, drip irrigation does not work well for high turf areas in Weston landscape design. Also, the tube can become clogged and cause a blockage leading to insufficient water supply for plants.

What is Spray Irrigation?

The spray irrigation system supplies high quantity of water to a larger diameter hence suited for flat properties. The spray irrigation pipes are installed under the ground so the chances of getting spoiled by external factors stand less.  These days, you can adjust the spray patterns and make sure the water reaches to every part of the property. You can adjust the spray systems in such a way that specific amounts of water reach to areas where water requirements differ.

Spray irrigation system ensures uniform water distribution, but the probability of plant disease due to excess water supply is seen higher in such system. Also, it needs to be standardized in order to ensure efficiency.

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