Drip Irrigation Installation Tips for Homeowners in Wayland

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September 5, 2018
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You can easily install drip irrigation by converting an existing automatic pop-up sprinkler system.

It is a good idea to convert the landscape beds to drip.  It is not a difficult project and will likely keep your shrubs healthy.

What Are The Benefits of Drip Irrigation?

  • It will save water, money, and time.
  • It reduces the risk of disease, trunk, stems, and foliage remains dry.
  • It controls water placement and output at each nozzle.
  • Drip irrigation is super easy to install.

You can take the help of a Wayland lawn care service to do it. But here are some tips on how to install it correctly.

What You Will Need

  • An Agrifim universal pop-up conversion kit to replace your pop-up sprinklers. Check that the kit has a built-in pressure regulator and filter. It simply threads onto an existing 1/2 inch riser. You can try Rainbird kit.  You can purchase all the required drip irrigation equipment online or at your local home improvement store.


  • Pop-up sprinkler conversion kit
  • polyethylene drip irrigation distribution tubing (5/8-inch)
  • drip tubing (1/4-inch)
  • Barbed connectors
  • Drip emitters
  • Compression tees and couplings
  • 3/4 inch hose thread x 1/2 inch compression swivel adaptor
  • compression end plug (1/2″)
  • Stakes
  • Pipe cutter
  • Drip tubing hole punch

In all, it is a simple project. It might take about eight hours to complete.  You can use your automatic sprinkler system to water the landscape beds. It will save time, money, and give you the peace of mind that water is getting to the roots and not on the sidewalk.

However, remember that the best lawn maintenance can be done by professionals who are trained to do the job. You can contact us; we are Wayland landscaping contractors and schedule an appointment. We will come equipped with all the necessary tools and experience needed to get the work done in the best possible way. Call us at 978-567-8733!

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