Basic Facts You Should Know About Tree Removal

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April 5, 2018
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Tree Removal

As a passionate gardener, you want your trees to be healthy, beautiful and out of danger. However, at certain instances, you don’t have an option but to remove the trees. Removal of decayed, diseased or dried trees may seem to be a simple task but mostly it is the other way around. Here goes a few basic factors you should know about tree removal.

The tree’s position

The reason for removing the tree can differ. Sometimes you want the tree to be removed as it is in close proximity with your home or your neighbor’s home. You should give extra care while you cut trees that fall over your home as it can cause severe damage on your roof. Sometimes small branches can look heavier than what they seem to be. If the branch of your tree is hanging on your neighbor’s property, it is better you have a word with the property owner before you think of cutting it down. Also, be aware of the laws of your place in such situations.

What about the insurance?

You may take the required precautions to avoid danger while you do the removal. Still things may go wrong and cause danger to you, neighbor or even the workers. Or it may create damage to your home. Be clear about the terms and conditions in your insurance policy and also make sure it is renewed.

How to dispose?

Removal of a tree may be easy, but disposal of it can be difficult. There will be many tons of wood, branches and debris which will be heavy. Also, disposal of the trees can turn to be a headache. You can’t leave it for the garbage pickup. Therefore have a clear idea of what needs to be done on the disposal.

Laws of the State

The state you reside in may have a set of rule when it comes to removing trees from private property. Make sure you are clear about the legal conditions and abide the rules of tree removal.

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