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Concord Tree & Landscape isn't your typical landscaping company. We are also an awesome asphalt paving contractor.

When your driveway is cracked, has potholes, and feels like it would be better as a gravel driveway than the condition it is in now, it’s time to make that call to an asphalt paving contractor.

Picture your driveway looking like the one we just completed above. The value of your property and the way you feel about your home will improve greatly by having a brand new, smooth driveway.

An Ashpalt Paving Contractor You Can Trust…

Many of our clients choose us because they’ve already expeirenced our quality of work on landscaping services. In fact, our largest source of new paving jobs with with former landscaping clients for that very reason.

We are a certified and Insured paving contractor serving Concord, MA and surrounding communities and suburbs.

Check out our service area map. If you’re reading this, you are most likely in our service area and we can lay down a new driveway for you!

We take great care of our clients’ property, and safety and cleanliness is a big deal to us.

We will be happy to come to your home and assess your paving needs and get you a quote that might surprise you for the quality of asphalt work we do.

There are many styles of driveway to choose from, and many are selecting stone borders for their driveways these days, as seen in the image above on a recent paving job we did in a Concord neighborhood.


Pricing depends on the size of your driveway. Just give us a call at 978-567-8733 and we’ll get you a very competitive quote right away!


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