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Summer is around the corner, and it’s the time we would like to spend time in the outdoors. And your lawn requires special attention to enhance its lush so that it makes the right space for your summer parties and get-togethers. Listed here are important lawn care tips to prepare your lawn for the summer.

Watering is first

Watering your lawn properly is very important in summer. Your lawn will not get the required water from rains during summer and it may not be able to withstand the scorching heat. Hence, you should ensure proper water supply to make your lawn look beautiful. If you see yellowing in the lawn, it is a sign of insufficient water supply. Therefore, increase the water supply once you find yellowish color in the lawn. However, water should not be extra than what is required. The best time to water your lawn is morning. When you water at night, it opens the chance of fungus and disease in the lawns. Water properly in a way that it promotes deep root growth.

Mowing in summer

In summer, adjust the mowing height to about three inches or higher. It will protect the roots of the grass from summer heat damage. When the roots grow deeper, it will help to retain water better. This will protect the roots of the grass from drying out. Mow more frequently during the summer to keep the lawn at a desirable height.  

Fertilization and weed control

For a healthy-looking lawn, proper fertilization and weed control is very important.  However, it is better not to fertilise the lawn when the temperature is high. Sometimes the chemicals in the fertiliser can burn the lawn. It can cause discolouration as well. In case you are using fertiliser, make sure it is organic. To pull off weeds, you can use your hands better than using chemicals. Organic weed control sprays are also available which will be non-harmful for the grass.

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