10 Spring Lawn Maintenance Tricks for Homeowners in Weston

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Spring lawn maintenance is the key to a healthy summer lawn. The harsh climate of the winter can change the pH of the soil, compact the soil, and create conditions for weeds and disease to spread.

It is thus vital to rightly clean, fertilize, and mow your lawn early in the season. Follow these maintenance tips when winter’s receding snow exposes bare spots, persistent plants and other problems with your patch of green.

  • Pull out weeds early: The weather usually gets warmer during the season and you can spend an afternoon outside. Take advantage of the weather to pull out the weeds in your lawn and garden before they grow and seed. Getting rid of the weeds early is the best way to keep them out of your lawn and garden long term.
  • Don’t wait for the rain to begin mowing: Mowing after the rain can ruin your lawn. When you cut the grass when it is wet, it will result in a messy, irregular cut. Mow them on drier days when you are able to get a uniform look across your yard.
  • Use grass trimmings as fertilizers: Grass trimmings can fertilize your lawn. They supply nutrients. In case your mower throws the trimmings out into the lane, blow them back onto your lawn using a backup blower.
  • Go for slow-release fertilizer: A slow-release fertilizer can feed your lawn for a longer period of time. How? The nutrients in these fertilizers break down slower than others. It will keep your garden healthier with less effort.  
  • Aerate: Aerating can get rid of thatch and permit better circulation around roots. The trick is to aerate your lawn every couple of years to allow water and nutrients to penetrate deep.  
  • Water frequently and early: Waiting for the rain to water your lawn won’t do any good to your lawn. Most grasses and plants require about an inch of water weekly for healthy growth. Water your plants in the morning to help prevent your grass from diseases.
  • Don’t dread over a few weeds: Not all weeds are unfriendly. Some are healthy for your lawn. They can balance your lawn being drought-tolerant. They can also fix the nitrogen from the air to feed your plants better.
  • Keep your mower blade sharp: A sharp blade cuts the grass like a pair of scissors while dull blades shred the grass and the turf. The shredded grass is open to disease.  
  • Leave your grass a little higher while mowing: Mowing your grass too short can encourage crabgrass to grow into weed. It is safest to leave it a little higher
  • Determine the grass variety for your area: Not all grasses can thrive in an area. You need to do some researching to find out what grasses grow best in your area.
  • Get in touch with a professional: There is nothing like a pair of skilled hands when it comes to maintaining your garden. Get a professional in your area to do the job for you.

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