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A lawn is an inseparable part of landscape designing. A well-decorated planting in the lawn mesmerizes your guests as well as creates a positive impact on you. So you must install a lawn to remodel your outdoor property or to make a new beautiful landscape. We provide you every type of lawn planting to make your landscape look grand and unique.

There are several methods of lawn planting. Some of the most popular ways are –

By Making Turfs:

This method is a bit expensive but very time-saving one. “Turf” is a piece of land, approx. 5 cm thick, with thick green grass growing on it. Like bricks in a wall, small square pieces of turfs are dug and rearranged attached to each other on the land to prepare the lawn. The edges are filled with sandy soil. The turf is made stable by pressing with a wooden hammer. The area should have abundant watering.

By Seed-Sowing:

The prepared soil is combed deep as 2.5-3 cm. The area is approximately divided into 250-300 sq. meters equal parts. It is to ensure the sowing of light and fine doob grass seed. The seed must be mixed with fine soil and scattered in the amount of 400-500 gm/200 sq. meters. The seed must be mixed properly in the soil and then the soil is rolled with a light roller. The seeds should be properly covered with finely strained soil. The land must be properly watered with enough water. The seeds generally give sprouts within3-4 weeks. When the grass attains the growth of approx. 4-5 cm, then it is trimmed with garden shears to create a beautiful, sophisticated lawn.

By Dibbling:

In this method, doob grass cuttings which are uprooted from any close-cut lawn or some different sources are first collected. These grass cuttings are then dibbled in a moist soil which is slightly moist. The dibbling is generally done with a gap of 8-9 cm. The area must be watered often until the seeds germinate. The grass bed will be ready to have its first trim within 5-6 weeks. This method takes 4-5 months to make a proper lawn.

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