Complex Landscape Builds

Complex Builds
Made Simple

In construction, it is often thousand of words AND pictures, construction documents, construction drawings, general conditions, and specifications and...

Our Build Department constructs beautiful and complex landscapes simply. A picture is usually all it takes. It makes our pricing super competitive and our work is raved about on the web!

We realize communication with you, our client, is the difference between a successful project and one that may be full of inconvenience and disappointment. We earn our great reviews with our product, our ability to beat expectations, and with our clear and timely communication.


At Concord Tree & Landscaping we not only rely on design and planning but also on the most important aspect, construction. Designs on paper are not very useful, right? But do not worry. We will make your vision come true since we offer the service of Landscape Construction & Masonry.

Landscape construction projects are permanent or semi-permanent installations. They are an economic investment, which must be made when building your home. If there is not a good execution in the exterior spaces, the rest of the construction will not make any sense.

What do we offer?

We are the most recognized in the art of masonry!

The masonry is one of the most used constructions in the world and we are specialists in the field. We have a great experience and experience in the art of masonry. We say art because our projects at the end are like a piece of art with individual pieces harmoniously organized, giving the construction durability and elegance.

We will know how to offer you an excellent service!

We have all the specialized machinery and the most qualified personnel because construction requires a great movement of professionals for the execution of any task as well as the most technologically advanced tools to be able to fulfill with the highest quality in a few times.


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Hardscape planning and installations

Our contractor offers the service of Hardscape planning and installations in the surroundings of Boston. This service provides definition to the landscapes and increasing the exterior appeal of all those who hire us. Trust at Concord Tree & Landscaping to create a custom design that meets all your dreams, and a special installation that complements the whole idea to give life to that project.

In this section, you can include a wide variety of different landscaping projects, so imagination will have no limits. Our team has creativity, knowledge, and aptitude, to fulfill the project, and reflect the vision you have. Do not worry anymore, rest assured that we will always be there at every step to ensure that your dreams come true.

Stone walls/Veneer

If you need installation and design service of Stone Walls/veneer you can place in your landscape, look no further than us. The stone walls we offer have a natural stone cladding with a particular texture to provide a perfect combination of the architecture and the design of the surrounding landscape. Its open natural cut and the feeling it reflects is one of the most preferred for our customers. It brings naturalness, beauty, and purity to space.

Stone veneer is also highly in demand among customers because it is a material that gives the design a more current, modern touch, and has been made of natural stone or manufactured stone.

Terraces and walkways

We provide the service of construction and installation of terraces and walkways that you need for the decoration of your garden or surroundings. We work with a range of materials such as concrete, clay, stone, slabs and special gravels, adapted to the needs of your space to maintain the architecture of your home or business and the realities of your budget. With our services the possibility of having the best terraces and walkways is endless.

Our installation teams have the necessary experience as well as the training required to understand new products and know the latest about the installation of any of these projects. Therefore, we are proud of the quality of the service we are offering because we give our clients the best of us. The Terraces and walkways are the most modern, durable and elegant designs, so you cannot stay without one!

Fireplaces and fire pits

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the warmth of the fire while watching the stars? This is exactly what we offer in our contractor, the construction and installation service of Fireplaces and fire pits, one of the most innovative alternatives to do. This service allows you to create a space to enjoy the company of good friends and family. Fireplaces and fire pits are mostly made of natural materials; you are free to choose the style, shape, size, and material.

The installation of beautiful fireplaces and fire pits allows you to extend the use of your kitchen throughout the year. Regardless of the season, you are in, a fireplace will give warmth in the cold months and the perfect setting on summer nights or autumn. Your garden will be a soothing and relaxing oasis. From the earliest times, humans have always used the fire in open spaces, and we still keep doing it. We have had many interesting conversations, fun, and memories around the fire.

Brick Work

The brickwork is a component of the construction of durable masonry with materials that have a large mass and whose main characteristic is its hardness and strength. We have the most beautiful designs of brick for the lining of the projects in your garden. Our contractor is one of the most qualified to execute the brick-work in the market in the outskirts of Boston. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.

There are different ways of using bricks. Each brick has its environmental and economic advantages. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose within the range of our products to those that are most appropriate for the purpose that will be used. That's the only work you have to do, we will do the rest. We'll take care of the entire installation process, so you can enjoy the most original and avant-garden brick-work of all.


The driveways are private roads to access a property, however, these do not have to be scruffy and of poor quality. People say that the first impression is what always remains, we say that the driveways that we built o Concord Tree always will remain in everyone's memory because we care about the general appearance and the correct elaboration as well as the impact they cause on people and their connection to the design of the place.

We make them of many materials; feel free to choose the one you like: brick, concrete, asphalt, among others. In addition, we include in our construction, the surrounded with herbs or other plants, to give a natural and fresh touch. These are very used to park vehicles, for washing and repairing, even for basketball practices, garage sales, among others.


Whether be for safety or as a way to ornament your garden, fences are an indispensable part of any space. It gives you privacy, security, and intimacy. Therefore, at Concord Tree & Landscaping we have the best fences of the entire business with unique and original designs as well as a special fence installation is done by the hand of the most skilled and trained staff of the entire area of the outskirts of Boston.

A fence is a structure that encloses an outdoor area, it differs from the wall because it does not have a solid base, but it does not imply that they are not safe for your place, so do not stay without one of them. They are the investment most important you can do. Be confident with our team & fence installation services because will pay attention to your needs and desires, and we will ensure that your fences comply with the established rules and specifications.

Outdoor Living Space Kitchens

We all like to share with family and friends, make a barbecue or a special meal to please everyone. We offer this Outdoor Kitchens service from design to installation to complement all your landscape vision.

An outdoor kitchen has a somewhat complex installation process, which only an expert could handle because it includes installation of connections to give functionality to the kitchen as well as all the aspects that are truly important. The kitchens must comply with the specifications of the place in terms of size and design, so you can enter into harmony with the environment.

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