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Lawn renovation season means getting your lawn back in shape

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Your lawn needs to breathe and have access to nutrients in order to thrive. All lawns develop a thatch layer over time that cuts off access to nutrients and water your lawn needs.

What’s worse is that your grass roots become very shallow in the ground and unable to reach enough soil, which has also become compacted over time.

Concord Landscaping will give your lawn breathing room with the lawn renovation steps below…

What is Slice Seeding?

Slice seeding is done with a machine called a “slice seeder.” it cuts into the soil with steel blades creating furrows. Then it drops the grass seed exactly where they need to be for optimal soil conditions, nutrients, and compaction for healthy growth. The seeds are placed exactly and completely in contact with the soil, as opposed to just spreading seeds on top of your lawn, where they struggle to take root.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating your yard gives your grass the breathing room it needs to form a healthy, thick, and green lawn. This is a core procedure in a professional lawn renovation project.

A lawn aerator is a garden tool or machine designed to create holes in the soil in which lawn grasses grow. In compacted lawns, aeration improves soil drainage and encourages worms, microfauna and microflora which require oxygen. -Wikipedia

With aeration and slice seeding, we help your lawn breathe again and help grass roots get the proper amount of air and nutrients to grow thick and green.

It’s a simple process that is inexpensive and absolutely effective in bringing back the lawn you once knew!

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Check out a lawn renovation and sidewalk job we recently completed in Lexington. (Before and after video)

Lawn Renovation Before and After Video


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